Catch Word #55 – To tear a strip off someone

As Harp and Robin explain in this episode, to tear a strip off someone, is to get very upset at them and to express that emotion in a very harsh and angry way. This could involve yelling or screaming, or just very angry, mean words.

As you can imagine, literally getting a strip torn off you would be a very painful experience. Getting a strip torn off you in the idiomatic sense is often very painful in an emotional way!

Expressions included in the learning materialstearastrip

  • To tear a strip off someone
  • To chew someone out
  • To give someone a piece of your mind
  • On your mind
  • To clench
  • To cheat on someone
  • All of a sudden
  • To go crazy
  • To flip out
  • For now

Sample transcript

Robin: To tear a strip off someone.

Harp: Yeah, to tear a strip off someone.

Robin: And what does that mean?

Harp: When you tear a strip off somebody, you speak to them in an angry, aggressive way, because you don’t like what they’ve done.

Robin: Someone’s done something bad and you’re extremely angry, your face is red, and your fists are clenched, and you start yelling at them, screaming at them.

Harp: Yeah exactly. When you’re doing that you’re tearing a strip off them.

Robin: Absolutely. Have you ever been in a situation, or have you ever witnessed someone getting a strip torn off of them?

Harp: For sure. Just last week, I was taking the bus and I was waiting at the bus stop, minding my own business, when all of a sudden this couple came to

Podcast/ Lipservice, Photo: Culips ESL Podcast