Catch Word #59 – to bump into someone

Is bumping into someone good or bad? Both! If you bump into someone it might hurt OR it might be a happy reunion between two old friends. In this episode we look at the expression to bump into someone and to run into someone. We also give you examples of what you can say when you meet someone unexpectedly: fancy seeing you here, it was a pleasure running into you, or what a small world! After this episode you will be prepared for surprise encounters!


Expressions included in the learning materialsrunintosomeoe

  • To bump into someone
  • To deal with
  • Random
  • Shouldn’t you be at work?
  • A day off
  • A vacation day
  • To run into someone
  • At the tip of my tongue
  • Fancy seeing you here
  • A pleasure running into you/nice running into you
  • It’s a small world

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