Catch Word #60 – Let’s Bounce

In this episode, we explain many slang expressions to say “Let’s leave.” These expressions are strange and funny. Knowing these expressions can help you in your listening comprehension. If you choose to use any of the expressions they should only be used in a casual way with friends.

Expressions included in the learning materialsletsgo

  • Let’s bounce
  • Let’s jet
  • Let’s blow this popstand
  • Let’s get a move on
  • How else…
  • It brings a smile to your face
  • To dig
  • To stick around
  • To make a like a tree and leave
  • Wordplay
  • Stern


Sample transcript

Maura:  OK, so this episode we’re really just looking at funny or clever or unusual ways to say, let’s leave, or I’m going to leave.
Robin: I’m going to leave.
Maura: Yeah, and let’s bounce is the first example. So how else can we say, let’s go or I want to leave?
Robin: Well, there’s another expression that’s very similar and that is let’s jet.
Maura: Right, good, so let’s jet.
Robin: Let’s jet.
Maura: Just kind of like jet, like the airplane. So sometimes this expression can mean to leave quickly, like if I say, “sorry I gotta jet” means that I have to leave quickly and go somewhere else.

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