Catch Word #63 – Over the hill

This expression is a funny way of saying that someone is old. To be over the hill means that someone is old, and so not able to do things that they used to do. You might see this expression on birthday cards or hear it in movies. This expression is usually used in a joking way. We also look at the expressions to be no spring chicken and long in the tooth. In a more positive way we also look at the golden years or the golden age. Getting older can have a lot of benefits too!


Expressions included in the learning materialsoverthehill

  • Over the hill
  • To tease
  • In your prime or at your prime
  • No spring chicken
  • Say that to someone’s face
  • Offended
  • Long in the tooth
  • From time to time
  • The golden years/The golden age
  • Overtime

Sample transcript

Robin: Yes, this expression is not really a compliment. You don’t usually say that someone is over the hill.
Jessie: Right, it’s usually used as a joke or to describe yourself in a joking way.
Robin: Can you give us an example of where we might use it in everyday speech?
Jessie: OK, so for example, when someone has a big birthday, like when they turn 30 or 40, they might complain to their friends and say, “Oh, I’m over the hill. I’m so old now.”
Robin:  When they do say something like that it’s going to be done in a very joking sort of way. They’re not serious.
Jessie: Exactly. So someone may say it about themselves or you might say it to tease a friend. You might say “Oh, you’re probably not going to come biking with us now that you’re over the hill.”

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