Catch Word #67 – Freelance

Jessie is starting a new type of employment that she wants to talk about: freelancing! Freelancing is popular nowadays and is the type of job that will continue to grow. In this episode we also talk about other expressions related to work including working under the table and moonlighting.


Expressions included in the learning materialsfreelancer

  • Besides
  • Freelancer (and all its variations)
  • Trend
  • Knights and the Middle Ages
  • To be tied to
  • moonlighting
  • on the side
  • to work under the table
  • to work under the table
  • exploitation

Sample transcript

Jessie:  Well, I used to be a full-time editor and writer. So I would go into the office, I would sit at my desk. I worked from 9 o’clock to 5 o’clock, from Mondays to Fridays. But now that I’m a freelancer, I’m still writing and editing, so you could say that I’m a freelance writer and a freelance editor. But I work in my office at home and I talk to my clients over the phone or through email or, maybe, sometimes I’ll go into their office to meet with them.
Robin:  OK, that’s quite interesting. You know I heard that more and more people are doing this sort of work in North America and across the world, as well.
Jessie: Yeah, it seems to be a big trend now because now that we have the Internet and phones are very easy to use, it’s a lot easier for people to communicate. Even if you live in different countries, you could work doing web design, or writing, or things like that. You could easily work for someone who you’ve never even met or don’t live near.
Robin: Wow, that sounds really interesting. It sounds like something that I’d like to do. Maybe work on a beach in Bali, Indonesia, while working for someone over here in Canada.

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