Chatter Box #27 – Ricardo Dasilva

Please meet another of our friends at Culips. This is Dasilva (also known as Ricardo) who is a friend with lots of interesting things to chat about. He is a Montrealer, born and raised. He is a first generation Canadian. He has taught English in Japan and traveled around Asia. And he is a writer. Get to know Dasilva because he will be helping us out in come upcoming episodes too!


Expressions included in the learning materialsRicardo Dasilva

  • Dasilva (names and other names)
  • Snow forts, Snow angels, snowball fights
  • Bike paths
  • Lachine Canal
  • Mont Royal
  • Tamtams
  • Caribbean – pronounciation
  • To look back on
  • Okinomiyaki
  • to be touched/to touch
  • to keep in touch middle class
  • standard of living
  • old wives tales
  • first generation

Sample transcript

Robin: A lot of our listeners haven’t necessarily been to Montreal. What types of things would you recommend they do if they come to the city? Or what are the types of things that you like to do around the city?
Dasilva:  Well, what I like to do… I like the summer more than the winter. I like sunshine, I like, I don’t know… winter is a little bit too cold for me. There’s a lot of snow. When you’re a kid, when you’re young, the winter is fun. There’s lots of things you can do in the winter. You know, you build snow forts, you make snow angels, you… what else do you do in the winter? Snowball fights… things like that are lots of fun when you’re a kid in Montreal, because there’s so much snow. But the older you get, the less you like winter, it seems. For me, in the summertime, I like to ride my bike on the bike path. I’ll ride along the canal—the Lachine Canal. I’ll take my bike from downtown Montreal and I’ll ride all along the Lachine Canal to the west part of the island.
Robin OK.
Dasilva: There’s a lake. You can sit by the lake and relax. I also like to go to Mount Royal in the summertime. It’s really fun. It’s relaxing.
Robin I hear it’s an interesting place, especially on the weekends.
Dasilva: Yes on the weekends, on Sundays especially, on the mountain, it’s a lot of fun. Sometimes people have picnics in the summer, there’s something called Tamtams, also; people play drums and listen to music and dance around.

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