Chatterbox #33 – Air travel

Everyone at Culips is a traveler. And if you are learning English, then maybe you also like to visit other countries and experience different cultures. Taking airplanes is part of the fun of traveling, and there is lots of special vocabulary and slang that go with it. If you’re ever going to take a flight then give this episode a listen! Thanks again Lorenzo for the idea!


Expression included in Learning Materialsairtravel

  • To book a flight
  • Online
  • Travel CUTS
  • A direct flight
  • “That is seriously unbelievable, Harp.”
  • Connecting flight
  • A layover
  • A red-eye (flight)
  • To pack
  • Carry on or checked baggage
  • To be on board
  • A window seat or an aisle seat
  • Legroom
  • To be bumped up (to first class or business class)
  • Economy, business class, or first class
  • To tell you the truth
  • In flight entertainment
  • Baggage claim
  • Not to be the end of the world
  • Jet lag (to feel it and to get over it)

Sample transcript

Maura: I’ve never slept really well on a flight. And we should also mention that it’s this term – the red-eye – that inspired this episode.
Harp: Yeah, because Lorenzo wrote us a nice email talking about when he discovered the expression red-eye.
Maura: Right, one of his friends told him she was catching a red-eye flight and he didn’t know what it meant. He thought it would be a great expression to use in our episodes because he found it so useful, and we definitely agree with you, Lorenzo.
Harp: Yeah, Lorenzo thanks for the email. It reminded us of what a good expression red-eye is and to explain it to all our listeners.

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