It’s the month of November and I have been seeing quite a number of men with moustaches around! I found out recently this is because of Movember. For more information you can go to their website:


© Raúl Villalón

Movember is a charity event that happens during the month of November. What happens is that men grow moustaches to raise money and awareness of men’s health. The Movember Foudation has been around for only a few years, but I have never heard of it or noticed it before this year. It started in Australia and New Zealand before they launched a campaign in Canada in 2004. The Canadian website is here.

Movember is made up of two words: moustache and November. Coincidentally, our free Culips episode next week is about two words that have been blended together to make one word.  Don’t forget to check it out! It’s a fantabulous (fantastic and fabulous) episode!

Photo Credit: Raúl Villalón