Chatterbox #37– Job Interview

Harp is back by popular demand with more advice on looking for work. This time Harp gives advice on everything about the interview process. She talks about how to prepare, what to do during the interview, and how to follow up afterwards. You’ll get some tips about the Canadian job hunt, and hear some of the related vocabulary. But really, this is a great episode for just about anyone looking for a job!


Expressions included in the learning materialsjobinterview2

  • Back by popular demand
  • Tips and advice
  • To be pumped
  • Press releases
  • To google it
  • To set you apart
  • To think on your feet
  • The trick
  • To put a positive spin on something
  • Dress for the job you want, not the job you’re interviewing for
  • Overdressed and underdressed
  • The thank-you email

Sample transcript

Maura:  Now, another question I have is about dressing, because some people don’t know whether to wear a suit or dress more casually.
Harp: I think that you should dress professionally, and there’s always that saying, dress for the job that you want, not the job that you’re interviewing for, so if you want to be a manager, wear a suit. It’s better to be overdressed than underdressed. So don’t wear jeans, don’t wear something you would wear to go clubbing, don’t wear anything that’s ripped. Wear clean, professional-looking clothes, even just a sweater and dress pants if they’re clean, ironed, professional looking.
Maura: That’s good advice. So, you must have some advice for us now during the interview, when everyone is the most nervous. What can we do to be successful?
Harp: You know, before I went into recruitment, one of my friends told me she goes into in an interview always telling herself she can get this job. So she’s so confident. You know, she’s passed every single interview? She’s gotten every single job she’s interviewed for.

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