Chatterbox #39 – Holidays throughout the year in Canada

Happy New Year everybody! We hope your 2011 is going very well so far.

Now that we have 2011 in front of us, we have lots of other holidays to look forward to. Jessie and Maura do a general overview of the statutory holidays in Canada, when they are and what Canadians do to celebrate them.And as always, Jessie and Maura share stories and opinions associated with these special days throughout the year. Do you know about Family Day and why it bothers Maura? And what do Thanksgiving and Jessie’s birthday have in common?


Expressions included in the learning materialscanadaday

  • New Year/New Year’s
  • Essential services
  • To cheer up
  • A sore spot
  • Family Day
  • March break/spring break/reading week
  • Easter
  • The Easter Bunny, eggs, and baskets
  • Victoria Day
  • Long weekends
  • Canada Day
  • Bittersweet
  • Labour Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • The best of both worlds
  • On everyone’s minds
  • Christmas Day/Eve
  • Statutory Holidays

Sample transcript

Maura: Now, the next holiday … well, it depends where you live in Canada.
Jessie: Yeah. I know this is a bit of a sore spot with you, Maura.
Maura: It is, Jessie. Because only a few years ago, Saskatchewan and Ontario, two provinces in Canada, got Family Day. And the province of Alberta has had Family Day since 1990.
Jessie: Right. And Family Day is just an early Monday in February—different depending on the year—when you have the day off from work and you spend time with your family.
Maura: Right. You’re supposed to spend time with your family. And, like I said, it’s a really new holiday, a day off in February because the winter is so long. Like you said, after New Year’s, there are no holidays right away and the winter can be a little bit depressing, so it’s nice to have a holiday in February.


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