Chatterbox #40 – Shopping

Before Christmas people are shopping for presents to give to their loved ones. After Christmas people shop to find things for themselves on sale. Some people love to go to the mall all the time and others like to stay away. In this episode Harp and Jessie talk about their different attitudes toward shopping. They also discuss the different kinds of shopping people do and the names of places where people do this shopping.

Expressions included in the Learning Materials:shopping

  • Oldies but goodies
  • To drag myself
  • A chore
  • To try on
  •  love-hate relationship
  • Back-to-school shopping
  • A guilty pleasure
  • A toss up (between)
  • A department store
  • The West Edmonton Mall
  • A thrift store/second-hand store/
  • vintage store/flea market
  • Second-hand
  • A treasure hunt
  • A garage sale/yard sale
  • Online shopping
  • Paypal

Sample transcript:

Jessie: Well, today we’re going to be talking about a subject that I know you’ll enjoy, and that is shopping.

Harp: Oh, I love shopping!

Jessie: So, today we’re gonna talk about a few different aspects of shopping: first we’re going to talk about different people’s attitude towards shopping, then we’ll talk about some different kinds of shopping that you can do, and then we’ll talk a little about how shopping has changed since the Internet. And throughout this episode, we’ll also be providing you with some useful vocabulary so that you can talk about shopping in an everyday English conversation.

Well, we said the first thing we were going to talk about was different people’s attitudes about shopping. And I can tell you that my attitude towards shopping is not usually very positive. I don’t like shopping. I feel like I have to drag myself to the store. It’s a big chore that I have to do. I’m so happy when I’m finished.

Harp: Oh Jessie, I still remember the time we went shopping together.

Jessie: Oh, that’s right! See, Harp and I are a good pair, because she loves shopping.

Harp: I love it! And I love helping other people shop as well. So one time, I took Jessie shopping because she needed to buy a dress for a … wedding, I think?

Jessie: Yeah. I was invited to my friend’s wedding and I had nothing to wear, and I hate shopping, so I called Harp and asked her if she would help me find a dress.

Harp: And we did find a dress.

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