Catch Word #81 – To steal someone’s thunder

This episode is about people taking attention for themselves, and the expressions we can use to talk about them! A person might steal another person’s thunder by accident when they announce important news. Another person might give a great performance and steal the show. It is also important to give credit where credit is due if another person deserves recognition. Listen to this episode to learn more about these expressions.


Expressions included in the learning materialsthunder

  • To steal someone’s thunder
  • To take credit
  • To come up with
  • On purpose
  • By accident
  • The centre of attention
  • To be in the spotlight
  • To share the spotlight
  • To steal the show
  • To give credit where credit is due
  • To be humble

Sample transcript

Jessie: To steal someone’s thunder actually has two similar meanings. It can either mean to take everyone’s attention away from someone else to put it on yourself.
Maura:  Or to take credit for something that someone else did or to take credit for someone’s idea.
Jessie: Right. So in either case, you’re taking all the attention, all the recognition for yourself.
Maura: Right. So you’re taking the attention that someone else should get and you’re taking it just for you.
Jessie: Exactly. So for example, at a business a manager could steal one of his employee’s thunder by taking the employee’s good idea and presenting it to everyone as if he came up with it himself. So in that case, he would be stealing the employee’s thunder.

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