Chatterbox #42 – Stress

Winter can be stressful and depressing for some people, especially in Canada. Today we’re going to talk about things people get stressed about and techniques for how to cope with stress. We also use and explain expressions associated with stress. Feel free to leave a comment and tell us how people in your country deal with stress or what they might be stressed about.


Expressions included in Lipservice:

  • Stress
  • Stress out
  • Layoffs
  • Bright
  • To catch up on
  • To burn the candle at both ends
  • To drown in work
  • To keep up
  • To cope
  • A burnout
  • There goes…
  • Chill out

Sample transcript

Harp: Yes. Today we’re going to talk about stress and dealing with stress.

Maura: Oh, stress, even the word just stresses me out.

Harp: I agree. Doing research for this podcast was stressful.

Maura: Stress is a really sensitive topic, but we’ll try to have fun talking about it in this episode.

Harp: Yes.

Maura: So, first, we’re going to talk about the things that cause stress, so stress factors. Right?

Harp: Yeah. What causes people to feel stress in Canada?

Maura: You know, stress can come from so many different things depending on the person, but there are generally some things that stress people out more than others. So, sometimes people get stressed out from a big event in their lives, like planning a wedding or planning a big trip.

Harp: Or moving to a new house.

Maura: Right. So, actually, those three events involve a lot of planning, a lot of details. And that’s probably what stresses people out.

Harp: Yes. Remembering everything, getting all the details right, organizing everything.

Maura: Exactly. And for all of those things, you’re spending money when you’re doing it, so that’s also stressful.

Harp: Yes, because one of the biggest stressors in Canada is money.

Maura: Woo, I think that that has got to be one of the biggest stressors anywhere in the world.

Harp: Definitely.

Maura: Yep. A lot of people are worried about where their money’s going to come from, or if they’re gonna have enough money to pay for something, or they have debt they need to pay. It’s just endless, really.

Harp: Yes, I agree. And related to money as a stressor is work.

Maura: Yeah, work is very stressful for many people.

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