Chatterbox #45 – Things children believe

In today’s episode, we talk about things that children across Canada and the US believe in. We thought of making this episode because Easter’s coming up soon. We’d love to hear what kind of beliefs you had as children in your country. Did you believe in the Easter Bunny or the Tooth Fairy? Or were there other characters that you believed in when you were young?

Expressions included in the learning materialseasterbunny

  • just around the corner
  • the Easter Bunny
  • goodies
  • to believe in
  • to picture
  • Tooth Fairy
  • Santa Claus
  • we don’t ask any questions
  • fertility
  • To bury something

Sample transcript

Harp: Yeah, exactly. So, children go to sleep and they believe in the middle of the night that this bunny comes to their house and puts candy and chocolate everywhere.
Maura:  Yeah, it’s quite funny. So most of the time, the Easter Bunny is white. You might see it on cards or boxes of chocolates at this time of year.
Harp: Exactly. So in some houses, the Easter Bunny will put the candy in a certain place, like a basket. Sometimes the Easter Bunny hides the candy, and then the kids go on a search for it.
Maura: Yeah, I did that when I was young. We had to try and find the chocolates hidden around the house.
Harp: Yeah, same at my house. And I remember even sometimes in June I would find candy that I didn’t find from the Easter Bunny.
Maura: Yup, that happens. It’s funny, you know, as I was thinking about the Easter Bunny, I started to ask myself how big the Easter bunny was. Was it a little bunny or was it a big rabbit? We don’t really know.
Harp: No, and I don’t think there’s any sort of specific size for the Easter Bunny.
Maura: Nope, just children believe that he comes during the night and leaves candy. And we don’t ask any questions!
Harp: We’re just happy we got the candy.

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