Chatterbox #47 – Housing

Buying a home can be a very different process depending on where in the world you would like to buy one. Find out about buying one in Canada is like! Harp talks about buying a home in this episode, and discusses types of homes and how to pay for it. Would you like a condo or a house? Do you want to live downtown or in the suburbs? And don’t forget the housewarming party! 

Expressions included in the learning materialshomeowner

  • The down payment
  • To be in the market
  • Condos
  • A fixer-upper
  • To flip a property
  • Starter home
  • Mortgage
  • A lump sum
  • To pay off
  • Wants versus needs
  • To talk someone out of it
  • A big step
  • Nerve-wracking
  • To stick with/to
  • To make yourself at home
  • A housewarming party

Sample transcript

Harp: You know, I’ve been thinking more and more that I wanna buy a place.

Maura: OK, so you’re in the market for a house of your own.

Harp: Not yet, but I’m starting to think about where I wanna live, what kind of
houses are appealing to me.

Maura: OK. So, do you want to live in Montreal, in the city, or outside?

Harp: Definitely in the city. Yeah, I want to be very close to the city centre.

Maura: OK. Would you ever think about living in the suburbs?

Harp: No.

Maura: OK.

Harp: Not an option for me.

Maura: So, if you’re thinking about living in the city, then there aren’t as many
houses to choose from, because, really, in the core centre of Montreal, it’s
mostly apartments and condos.

Harp: Yeah, I’m thinking more of a condo right now.

Maura: OK. So you’re looking for a condo in the city.

Harp: Yes, exactly.

Maura: Why don’t you want to live in the suburbs or outside of the city?

Harp: You know, I would like to have maybe, like, a small house, which is… You
find them more in the suburbs, but I like city life. I like being able to walk to
restaurants and walk places and to stores and movies. I like things being
close to me. I don’t like having to drive. I don’t have a car right now. I don’t
wanna buy one. So I wanna be close to things.

Maura: Yeah, it’s true. In the suburbs, you’re often far from a lot of things. The
suburbs are always full of houses, house after house after house. And once
in a while, you have a shopping centre, but other than that, there’s not that
much else, so I know what you mean. Being in the city, you have a lot of
options, a lot of things to do. A lot of things close by that you can walk to.

Harp: Exactly. So that’s why a condo would be nice, because a condo is like an
apartment, but you own it, so there are so many condos in Montreal.

Maura: Yeah, you’re right. And there are not as many houses in the centre of the city.
So if you’re going to choose between buying a house or buying a condo and
you wanna live in a city, then a condo is a good option.

Harp: Exactly.

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