Chatterbox #50 – Embarrassing Moments

This episode we’re talking about moments that people usually don’t like to talk about – their embarrassing ones! We go over some things that embarrass most people, like flying low. Then we discuss how people react to the moments, like turning red or brushing it off. The last things that Maura and Harp talk about are a couple of their embarrassing moments. They make for great stories later!


Expressions included in the learning materialsembarrassing

  • Embarrassing!
  • To laugh it off
  • To be flying low
  • To do up
  • Goofy
  • To play it down
  • Booger
  • To pass gas/to fart
  • To burp
  • A dead give away
  • To turn red
  • Beet red
  • To get away with it
  • To make fun of someone
  • Winter boots inside

Sample transcript

Harp: Yes. Today we’re going to talk about embarrassing moments.

Maura: Embarrassing moments.

Harp: The funniest is that we started this episode with an embarrassing moment
from you.

Maura: Yeah. We just recorded another episode, and while we were recording, I was
sitting kind of strangely on this little bench we’re sitting on, and I fell over. I
lost my balance. But I wasn’t that embarrassed, because everyone here is a
friend. I would be more embarrassed if I was with strangers.

Harp: No, exactly. We all just laughed it off.

Maura: Yeah, yeah. It was funny. I laughed too. So, we’re going to start today’s
episode by talking about some typical embarrassing moments that lots of
people experience and lots of people would be embarrassed by.

Harp: And then we’re going to talk about how people react to embarrassing

Maura: Right. Some people get more embarrassed than others, so we’ll talk about that. And the last thing we’re going to talk about is our own embarrassing moments.

Harp: And we have quite a few embarrassing moments.

Maura: OK. So let’s first start with some classic embarrassing moments. The one that comes to my mind first is to be flying low.

Harp: To be flying low. I love it.

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