Catch Word #85 – Written all over your face

Wouldn’t everyone like to be able to know how other people feel without them telling you? Sometimes we can tell how someone is feeling and other times we can’t. The expressions in this episode are focused on knowing the feelings and emotions of other people. Harp and Maura also reveal that they’re the kind of people who wear their hearts on their sleeves.


Expressions included in the learning materialshappyface

  • It’s written all over your face
  • To wear your heart on your sleeve
  • Shakespeare
  • At one point
  • Poker Face
  • Lady Gaga
  • A hand of cards
  • To tell (to know for certain)
  • To light up
  • Point blank
  • To drive someone crazy

Sample transcript

Harp: So the expression it’s written all over their face is used when you can guess what someone is feeling or what they’re thinking just based on their facial expression.
Maura:  Right. So this person hasn’t told you how they’re feeling but because of the expression on their face you know if they’re happy or sad or if they’re having a bad day. You know something about what’s going on inside of them. And like we said, you could use this for a whole bunch of different emotions. It could be positive or negative.
Harp: Exactly. If someone’s happy, sad, angry, anything it could be used for.
Maura: Yeah. So let’s give a dialogue example.
Harp: Hi Sally. How are you?
Maura: I’m OK.
Harp: Are you sure you’re OK?
Maura: Yeah, yeah, I’m fine.
Harp: You seem really stressed out.
Maura: Well, yeah, I am a bit busy at work and at home. I’m a bit stressed. How did you know?
Harp: Well, it’s written all over your face.

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