Chatterbox #48 – Pets

Do you have pets? Do you want pets? In this episode, Maura and Harp talk about pets! (Maura has them and Harp doesn’t.) First, they discuss their experiences living with animals and tell some funny stories. Then they talk about average pets and those that are strange, updating you on what’s popular in the pet world, and different pet trends they’ve seen!


Expressions included in the learning materialspets

  • Kitty cat
  • Naming pets
  • Cuddly
  • To be open to something
  • To deal with
  • SPCA
  • To get all…
  • To flush a fish down the toilet
  • Gotta
  • Pets for children
  • To dye hair
  • Purebred animals
  • Mutts
  • To shed
  • It or he/she for pets

Sample transcript

Harp: Maura do you have any pets?
Maura:  I do. Right now I have two wonderful, beautiful kitty cats.
Harp: You have two cats. Yes, I remember.
Maura: Yes. I have one big, black cat. He’s pretty cool and laid back. His name is Monk. And my other cat is a little bit smaller and she has three colours, white, orange, and black, and her name is Kneesaa.
Harp: They’re cute. I remember.
Maura: They’re very nice and kind cats. And Harp, well, I know Harp does not have a pet.
Harp: I do not have a pet.
Maura: I know that Harp does not like pets very much. Am I right?
Harp: It’s not that I don’t like pets. It’s that I didn’t grow up with pets at all.

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