Chatterbox #51 – Driving around Canada

We are sorry for the delay in posting this episode. This episode is for you if you love cars, plan on driving around Canada, or are curious about more vocabulary related to these topics. In Canada the seasons change quite a bit, which makes for a variety of driving situations. Maura and Harp talk about these, along with their own memorable road trips. Find out if you’re a backseat driver! Enjoy the ride!


Expressions included in the learning materialsdriving

  • Driving in Canada
  • Automatic and Standard cars
  • To stall a car
  • A backseat driver
  • Driver’s license/Permit Gas Prices
  • Gas guzzlers
  • That must hurt
  • SUV It goes without saying
  • To come up
  • Black ice
  • To do a 180
  • To freak out
  • Snowploughs
  • To be right next door
  • Potholes
  • Dropping the subject of your sentence
  • To carpool
  • To drop someone a line

Sample transcript

Harp: Can you drive a manual car?
Maura:  To be honest, I learned a little probably a little bit, probably about 10 or 15 years ago now and it was difficult. I liked it but I stalled the car a lot.
Harp: Same thing. I learned how to do it a long time ago.
Maura: So sometimes when you’re driving, and this is something that annoys everybody, you might have a backseat driver.
Harp: I have to admit I’m a backseat driver.
Maura: It’s annoying, isn’t it?
Harp: It’s probably annoying for the driver, but because I’m the one doing it, I don’t think it’s annoying.

Podcast/ Lipservice: Culips ESL Podcast, Photo: Culips ESL Podcast