Catch Word #88 – Give it 100%!

In this episode, we talk about ways to say that someone is trying very hard and putting in their best effort. Harp and Maura put their heart and soul into explaining some useful everyday phrases and introducing some new vocabulary related to making an effort. Listen now to find out what Harp’s dad used to say to encourage her to do her homework in high school, as well as Harp’s stubborn teenager response!

Expressions included in the learning materialsgive100percent

  • To give 100%
  • A tie game/a tie
  • You know
  • DIY
  • To put everything you’ve got into something
  • To give it everything you’ve got
  • To put your heart into something
  • To put your heart and soul into something
  • Artistic flair
  • Whatever
  • It’s a shame
  • A rerun
  • The Oprah Winfrey Show

Sample transcript

Harp: For this one, with the heart or the heart and soul, it’s really your passion, ’cause your passion is in your heart and your soul, so it’s something you feel really passionate about.
Maura:  Right. Whenever we’re talking about heart, we’re usually referring to emotions and feelings, so whatever this project is, if you put your heart into it, it means that you really put part of who you are into the project.
Harp: Yeah. You’re putting a lot of emotions into the project.
Maura: Right. So that’s why when I hear this example, I think about creativity and different projects where you might have to use your own personality to do a good job.
Harp: Yeah. I definitely think of the artistic side.

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