Chatterbox #52 – Chatting with Kara

Introducing Maura’s sister! Kara visited Maura in Montreal recently and she took the opportunity to interview her sister. Kara talks about why she loves visiting Montreal – the food and the culture. They also discuss the difficulties when living away from your family, and Kara shares what she thought about living in Sydney, Australia. And she never once hear G’day Mate! 


Expressions included in the learning materialskara

  • Kitchener
  • Otherwise
  • Poutine
  • To compare apples and oranges
  • To be dead
  • Uptown and downtown
  • St. Jacobs Farmers’ Market
  • Mennonites
  • A signature item
  • Oktoberfest
  • To settle down
  • A smoothie
  • Chicken noodle soup
  • One thing is nothing compared to another thing
  • To have a feeling

Sample transcript

Maura:  So, by now you’ve been to Montreal a few times to visit me, or more than a few times, so you know the city a little bit. Although, there’s still a lot of things you haven’t tried yet. So I’m wondering if you can tell us what you like about Montreal and what are some of your favourite things to do here?
Kara: I really enjoy Montreal, mainly because it’s such a big city and I love visiting a big city. I love the food and the culture, would be my favourite things. I find that there’s just so much to do because it’s a big city. You can just wander around the streets and there’s so much to look at. It’s probably because I don’t live here, so I find that there’s a lot more to do just by wandering around, but I love going out and
to eat in Montreal. So, usually do a breakfast, lunch, and dinner, going out.
Maura: Well, I’m very glad that you said eating, because whenever you come to visit, you’re always talking about the restaurants we’re gonna go to and the food we’re going to eat. One thing that you always wanna do is have a poutine, or share the poutine experience with a friend that you bring with you who’s never been to Montreal.
Kara: That is correct. I love the poutine and I know that we have them back in Ontario, but they’re just not the same as they are here because the french fries and everything just tastes so different, and it is my favourite thing to eat when I’m here.
Maura: So, do you wanna explain exactly what is in a poutine?
Kara: I would love to. A poutine is very good fresh-cut fries with cheese curds. It’s a type of cheese, tastes a lot like a mozzarella but it’s chunks of cheese. And then poured over top of it is a gravy, usually a brown gravy, and that melts the cheese and it gets all in between the fries and it’s so good.

Podcast/ Lipservice: Culips ESL Podcast, Photo: Culips ESL Podcast