Chatterbox #55 – The story of Culips

Have you ever wondered about who we are at Culips? Do you know anything about how we started making English podcasts? Listen to the answers in this episode! Some of our listeners wrote saying they were curious to know more about us, so know you can learn about all of us at Culips, Harp, Jessie, Maura, Asami, and Yoshi, and how we all work together.

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Expressions included in the learning materials

  • To need all the help you can get
  • You guys
  • A going-away party
  • To snowball
  • A chance encounter
  • Last but not least
  • Just like yesterday
  • Time flies
  • To get smoothed out/straightened out
  • Like a slap in the face
  • To take something for granted
  • To have a ball

Sample transcript

Harp: Today, we have a very interesting topic.

Maura: Oh, today’s topic is so interesting and it was suggested to us by a couple of our listeners, so thank you very much for the idea, because we’re looking forward to this episode.

Harp: Because today, we’re gonna talk about Culips.

Maura: Yes, we’re going to first start by telling you about how Culips began and how we all met each other and got connected.

Harp: Yup. And then we’re gonna focus on our own experiences with languages, either learning or teaching.

Maura: Yeah. And then we’ll also tell you how we came to Montreal and maybe a little bit about Montreal, because we’re not from here. We’re all from different places. So, how and why did we come to this city?

Harp: Exactly. So let’s get started.

Maura: So, Maura and Harp, that’s us. We met… It must be about five years ago. Is it five years ago?

Harp: It is.

Maura: Wow. So, it was almost five years ago that Harp and I took a French class together.

Harp: Yup. Culips started with language, with us trying to learn French.

Maura: Yeah. So, we started taking this very intensive French class, and it was from November to December, and it was actually a really great class, because there’s still a bunch of us from that class that are friends.

Harp: Yeah. A lot of my friends in Montreal are from that class.

Maura: Yup. Or connections to other people that you made from people in that class. It was really just a good little class we had, wasn’t it? Harp: It was.

Maura: And so Harp and I met there, we became friends, we chatted.

Harp: You know, Maura, I know we met in that class, but I don’t remember the exact moment when we met, do you?

Maura: I do, ’cause I remember it and it was so funny.

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