Catch Word #90 – Rock

When you’re going through a difficult time in life, it’s nice to have a person who you know will support you and listen to you when you need to talk about your problems. This episode is all about wonderful people like that! We’re looking at expressions that talk about people who you know will help you out if you’re not feeling good. Learn expressions like to be someone’s rock, to be someone’s shoulder to cry on, and to lean on someone.

Expressions included in Learning Materials:myrock

  • We can’t complain
  • To chill out
  • To be there for someone
  • To go through something/To get through something
  • To be someone’s rock  be out of control
  • To be someone’s shoulder to cry on
  • A breakup
  • Aunt
  • To lean on someone
  • To make ends meet To count on someone

Sample transcript:

Maura: Now, today’s episode is a Catch Word episode, and that’s where we look at different expressions that we use often, and we tell you how you can use them, what they mean, and we give you examples, too.

Harp: All right, so let’s get started with today’s Catch Word. What are we gonna talk about today, Maura?

Maura: Well, in this episode, we’re going to look at expressions that we use to talk about a kind of person. And this kind of person is a really good friend or a family member who’s always there to help you out and support you, especially when you’re going through a difficult time.

Harp: Yeah. So today’s expressions are all related to that person in your life who is there for you. When you’re having a bad time, when something’s wrong in your life, this person is there for you.

Maura: Yeah. So it’s a good, solid person that you’re lucky to have.

Harp: Yes, for sure.

Maura: The first expression that we’re going to look at in this episode is to say that someone is your rock.

Harp: Yes, someone is your rock.

Maura: Right. So you can say he’s my rock, or she’s your rock, or any combination, but the important thing to note is that a person is being called a rock.

Harp: So, if someone is described as your rock, this means that the person is supportive and helps when times are difficult.

Maura: Right. So, when everything in your life is out of control, or chaotic, and things aren’t going well, the person who is your rock is there for you, helping you out, and they’re very solid and strong and not affected by all the craziness.

Harp: Exactly. They’ll support you, maybe, if you need a little bit of money, or they’ll listen to all your problems, or they’ll just sit with you if you’re crying.

Maura: Right. So, there are so many ways that someone who’s a rock can be supportive. Like you said, it could be emotionally, or it could be physically, or it could be financially, too.

Harp: Yes. And Maura, why do we say rock?

Maura: Well, it is a funny choice, but like I already said, the person who’s your rock is solid and strong and there for you when things are difficult. And a rock is also solid and strong and it doesn’t change, right? It just sits there and it’s a very powerful, heavy thing. So, just like this person is there for you.

Harp: Yes, definitely. That makes sense. Let’s give some examples with this expression.


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