Catch Word #94 – Clipped words (a special kind of abbreviation)

This time we’re looking at clipped words, which are words in which the last one or two syllables are not pronounced when spoken, yet the word is still completely understandable. This episode will especially help you when talking to native English speakers or watching films or television shows. So check out this fab episode. It’s one of our faves!

Expressions included in the Study Guide

  • Abbreviations
  • Clipped words
  • To keep an ear out
  • To grab a seat
  • A cute little something
  • Pic
  • Delish
  • A beaut
  • Prof
  • Fab
  • Fave
  • Mmm
  • To fit like a glove
  • Nanaimo bars

Copyright: Audio/Study Guide: Culips

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