Chatterbox #58 – Who has to go to the bathroom?

This week at Culips, our episode is about a topic that most people don’t really like talking about. We finally decided to talk about going to the bathroom, including how we talk about it in Canada and other details, like what a restroom looks like over here. Harp and Maura do their best to teach you about bathroom etiquette in North America, and the subject only gets gross a couple of times!

Expressions included in the learning materialsbathroom

  • The ins and outs
  • Washroom, bathroom, restroom, toilet
  • Being indirect
  • Touchy
  • Borderline
  • Hold that thought
  • To hold it
  • The Blue Jays
  • To go to the ladies’ room
  • To run into someone
  • Elevator talk
  • Canadian restrooms
  • Number 1 and number 2, and more!
  • To gross someone out/To be grossed out To go to the can/To go to the john

Sample transcript

Maura:  And when you’re in someone’s home, you wanna use only washroom or bathroom. You wouldn’t say restroom in someone’s home. It just doesn’t work.
Harp: It’s really only for public spaces.
Maura: Right. So, what about the word toilet, when people say they are going to the toilet?
Harp: We don’t really say that very often in Canada.
Maura: Yeah, it’s not that common. Sometimes you might hear it, though; some people might say it.
Harp: Some people might use it, but it really does lead to a visual picture, which…
Maura: It’s a bit direct for Canadians, and I think a lot of Americans to the south of us too, because we usually say washroom or bathroom.
Harp: Yeah, exactly. If you say, Oh, where is the toilet? It’s very clear what you’re going there to do.
Maura: Yeah. It is true, though, that in England and Australia, they do say toilet and it’s very common.
Harp: Because it’s common, I think it’s not a big deal there, but because it’s not common here, it sounds strange when people say it.

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