Catch Word #101 – Tightwad

No one likes to be thought of as cheap, but some of us just don’t like to spend money. Harp and Maura are two of these people! This is an episode about slang terms for people who are always saving their money. Most of these expressions are considered rude, so be careful how you use them. If you mean it as a compliment, you’d be better off to call a person frugal. Listen to this episode to hear all the slang terms for cheap and the meaning of frugal!

Expressions included in the learning materialsthrifty

  • A tightwad
  • A wad
  • To be tight on money & To be tight with money
  • To say/do something behind someone’s back
  • The office Christmas party
  • A penny pincher
  • A cheapskate
  • Cheap
  • It’s on me
  • To have a confession to make
  • Frugal
  • Other words for cheap
    • Thrifty (this one’s not really negative either)
    • Stingy
    • Chintzy
    • Close-fisted

Sample transcript

Harp: So if someone is cheap and likes to save all their money, you could call them a tightwad.
Maura:  Yes. Now, let’s explain this word, tightwad. A wad is actually some small thing, like in the shape of a ball; it’s really not a specific thing. It’s just some small thing that’s in the shape of a ball. Now, if you imagine your money is all rolled up, tightly, it’s like a wad. And a tightwad means that you don’t wanna open it up, you don’t wanna take any money out, you don’t wanna spend it.
Harp: Yes. So when you’re a tightwad, that means you’re cheap and you don’t want to spend all your money. And one thing we need to mention right away is that you would never say this to someone. It’s a very rude thing to call someone. So you could maybe say it behind their back
Maura: Yeah. The thing with being called a tightwad is that it’s never a compliment. No one really likes to be seen as someone who doesn’t wanna spend money. It’s not a positive thing. And so you might use it as a joke. That’s the only way you could use it, because it is rude.

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