Catch Word #111 – Fat Chance

Sometimes there are things that are not likely to happen, and we’ve got a few expressions to talk about them! Have you ever dreamed of flying to the moon? Or maybe you hope that your boss will give you the day off tomorrow. Fat chance. Listen to this episode to learn a bunch of new expressions, including slim chance.

Expressions included in the Learning Materials:fatchance

  • Fat chance
  • To break something to someone
  • Nah
  • A slim chance
  • Wish me luck
  • A long shot
  • What’s going on?
  • To cross your fingers

Sample transcript:

Harp: So today, the first expression we have is fat chance.

Maura: Yes. Two little words: fat chance. And this is exactly how this expression is used. We don’t use it in a sentence; we use it in response to something else that someone has said. So, someone has talked about the possibility of something happening and then we respond by saying fat chance. And when we say fat chance, what does that mean, Harp?

Harp: It means it’s not gonna happen.

Maura: Right. It means that it’s impossible or the chance of it happening is very, very small.

Harp: Exactly.

Maura: So this is something that could happen and, really, could be anything. It could be related to getting a job that you want, or it could be related to going on a trip, or it could be used to talk about someone’s love life.

Harp: Anything. It could be about if someone says they’re gonna win the lottery, if it’s gonna snow in July, anything. It can be used for anything.

Maura: Right. So remember, this expression is used to say that there’s not a good chance that something’s going to work out, that it’s almost impossible.

Harp: OK. Let’s give an example. Harp: Yesterday I watched the new Brad Pitt movie.

Maura: Oh, really? Was it good?

Harp: It’s so good. Have you not seen it? Maura: No, I haven’t. Harp: It was so good. And Brad Pitt is so good looking.

Maura: He is pretty charming.

Harp: I’m gonna marry him one day.

Maura: Fat chance. I think you better move to Hollywood.

Harp: I think I might. Just joking. Maura: So, there is an example where we use the expression fat chance. And this means that there is not a good chance of that happening.

Harp: Exactly. There’s very little chance that I’m ever gonna marry Brad Pitt.

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