Chatterbox #71 – The dentist

Here’s an episode about going to the dentist in Canada and some related vocabulary. Not many people like going to the dentist, but we hope you like this episode anyway! Harp and Maura also tell some of their own stories about appointments they’ve had, both good and bad. They also discuss some expressions with teeth: to have a sweet tooth and like pulling teeth. You’ll probably want to brush your teeth after listening to this episode!

Expressions included in the Study Guide

  • A checkup
  • A cavity
  • A baby tooth
  • To get kicked out
  • To get fed up
  • When it comes to
  • A drugstore
  • To grind your teeth
  • To have a sweet tooth
  • To quit cold turkey
  • To rub off on someone
  • Like pulling teeth

Copyright: Audio/Study Guide: Culips

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