Chatterbox #78 – Buying a home according to Harp

If you’ve ever bought a home, you know just how complicated it can be. And if you never have, here’s your chance to learn about the process… in English! Harp recently bought a condo, and in this episode, she tells us all about how she was looking for a place with character and what set the place she eventually bought apart from the others. For vocabulary and expressions related to buying a home, listen to this one!


Expressions included in the learning materials

  • A house
  • Open concept
  • When it comes down to it
  • To have character
  • To luck out
  • To never want to step foot somewhere again
  • To put an offer in
  • To set something apart
  • To close the deal
  • A piece of cake
  • To cut costs
  • On top of it
  • A housewarming party
  • Don’t you worry

Sample transcript:

Maura: Yes, say hi. So, today we’re going to do a Chatterbox episode, and that’s where Harp and I chat about all kinds of different stuff. And today we’re going to be chatting about buying a home. Now, if you’ve been a Culips listener for a while, you may remember that Harp talked about looking to buy because she was looking to buy a condo and she has purchased a condo. So, Harp, you’re gonna tell us a little bit about the whole process you’ve gone through, right?
Harp: Yes, exactly. We’ll break it down into sections and I’ll talk about looking for the condo, the actual buying process, and finally renovating and moving in.
Maura: Right. And even if you’re not learning English as a second language, this could be an educational podcast if you’ve never bought a home.
Harp: Yeah, because it is quite a stressful process and there’s lots you need to know.
Maura: And I’m sure you’re learning as you go.
Harp: Definitely.
Maura: OK, so first, let’s talk about buying a home. So, I know that you were interested in looking for condos. So how did you go about looking for a place to buy?
Harp: Well, for me, in the beginning I was looking at condos all around Montreal. I was so open to the areas, but really, it’s just exhausting. So I had to narrow my search down and I decided where I wanted to live. And in Canada, there are a lot of really good websites where you can search houses that are on sale, or condos that are on sale. So I was working with a real estate agent for a little bit and then on my own a little bit as well. And I would find listings and then they would have pictures and they would have the dimensions of the condo and the price and all that information and we would schedule a visit and I would go see them.
Maura: One little thing I wanna point out is that, often, we call a place where someone lives a house. It might be a house, but it might be an apartment or a condo. I don’t know why we do this, but any place, any home that someone has, sometimes we just call it a house. So, if we start calling Harp’s condo a house, it’s not because it turned into a house, but it’s just because it’s the place where Harp lives and it’s just a habit to naturally call it a house.
Harp: Good point.
Maura: So, Harp, when you were looking around, what kind of things were you looking for in a home?
Harp: Well, I had my basics. I wanted two bedrooms. I was really hoping for an open concept. I really, really wanted something that had the Montreal charm, you know, the stained glass windows, the old moldings, nice wood floors. But in end, I didn’t get it.

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