Chatterbox #82 – They’re on the prowl

If you’re single, then this episode is for you! This time, Maura and Harp look at slang and expressions related to going out, meeting people, and finding someone you’re attracted to. More and more, people are staying single into their 20s and even into their 30s, so there are lots of names for people on the dating scene. Listen to learn about the meanings of cougar and metrosexual.


Expressions included in the learning materialsdating

  • To be on the prowl
  • To pick up
  • A pick-up line
  • To hook up
  • A meat market
  • To check out
  • Do tell
  • To feel out of place
  • Happy hour
  • A metrosexual
  • To get all dolled up
  • A cougar
  • Desperate
  • Cheesy

Sample transcript:

Harp: So today we’re doing a Chatterbox episode, and that’s where we chat. We talk about different topics. Sometimes we interview people.

Maura: Right. And Harp and I love to chat. Particularly today’s topic, it’s very interesting.

Harp: It is very interesting. Today we’re going to talk about dating.

Maura: Right. Specifically, being on the prowl.

Harp: Yes, when you’re looking for someone to date.

Maura: Right. So, the first thing we’re gonna talk about is slang that is used when people are looking to find someone that they’re physically attracted to.

Harp: Yes. And then we’ll talk about places where people are on the prowl.

Maura: Right. So those are the places where people go when they’re trying to find a new boyfriend or girlfriend or some kind of love interest.

Harp: Yes. And then the last topic is… We’re gonna talk about some types of people that you might see on the prowl.

Maura: Mmhmm. So, first let’s start by talking about expressions. And we’ve already mentioned one: to be on the prowl. And this is an animal reference. When an animal is on the prowl, this means they’re walking around in the forest or the jungle and they’re looking for something to eat.

Harp: Yeah, they’re hunting. They’re on the prowl.

Maura: Right. And we use this same expression for people who are out, usually at night, looking for someone to date.

Harp: Exactly. To be on the prowl. They’re looking for someone to date.

Maura: Mmhmm. Now, when someone’s on the prowl, they might actually pick up someone.

Harp: And to pick up someone doesn’t mean that they lift them up, it means that they start talking to them, get their attention. They pick up someone.

Maura: Right. So, at a bar, if a person was there and they saw another person that they were interested in, and they went over to that person and tried to make a conversation with them, that would be picking them up.

Harp: Yeah. And they often use a pick-up line, which is a one-line statement that’s supposed to be kinda smart or witty, sometimes it’s funny, to try to get the person’s attention

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