Chatterbox #92 – An interview with Harp

If you’ve been listening to Culips for a little while, you’ve already started to get to know the Culips hosts, Harp and Maura. And you’ll also know that in our Chatterbox episodes, sometimes we interview people. So here’s an interview with Harp, where she tells us about her life growing up and what she’s up to now. Along the way, she also drops a few expressions for you.

Expressions included in the Study Guide

  • To tune in
  • To keep an ear out for something
  • When I say…, I mean…
  • Fort St. John
  • Out west
  • A small-town feel
  • With a bang
  • To not speak a word of English
  • A built-in babysitter
  • To sink or swim
  • A cool vibe
  • A day job
  • To shoot the breeze
  • That’s because you like to shoot the breeze

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