Chatterbox #99 – Commuting

Most of us travel to work many times in one week. Some of us have a quick little trip and others spend hours on public transportation. This episode is all about that—travelling to and from work. Harp and Maura talk about what commuting is like in Canada, how people get to work, and how long it usually takes them. They also share their own experiences of getting to work every day. If you’re a commuter, listen to this episode on your way to work.


Expressions included in the learning materialscommuting

  • To commute/a commute
  • A carpool/to carpool
  • To take turns
  • Hardcore
  • A traffic jam
  • Right off the bat
  • The metro
  • No problem
  • To hold back
  • To see where this is going
  • To jaywalk
  • I don’t blame you

Sample transcript

Maura:            That’s right. Now, today we’re doing a Chatterbox episode, and that is where Harp and I chat about all different kinds of topics. Today we are going to talk about commuting.

Harp:              Yes. That travel to work that we do every day.

Maura:            And you know, I’m just thinking, some of our listeners have told us on Facebook that they listen to our episodes while they’re commuting. So if you’re commuting right now, hi!

Harp:              I hope your commute is very short.

Maura:            OK, so, we’re gonna talk about commuting today. First we’re gonna talk about how people commute, so how people get to work in Canada.

Harp:              Yes. And then we’re gonna talk about how long it takes them to commute.

Maura:            Right. What are the kinds of averages that we have in Canada?

Harp:              Yeah. And then we’re gonna talk about our some of our own personal experiences with commuting.

Maura:            You know, it is something very personal. Sometimes people love their commute, or they hate their commute. So people really have a strong feeling about it.

Harp:              Yes. I definitely agree with you.

Maura:            OK. So let’s start by talking about how people get to work in Canada.

Harp:              Well, I have to be honest; most people get to work by car.

Maura:            That is definitely true. I think, internationally, Canada and the US are known for drivers. People really like to drive around here.

Harp:              Yeah. People love their cars and they love driving to work, or anywhere.

Maura:            And most of the time, people are alone in their cars. So you have a car with one person driving to their workplace.

Harp:              Yeah. It’s not very good for the environment at all.

Maura:            No. Just talking about it is making me feel a bit depressed, but it’s the truth.

Harp:              Yeah.

Maura:            Some people do carpool, though. Carpooling is when more than one person, they get together and they drive to work together. They drive in one person’s car. Maybe the same person drives every day or maybe they take turns, but a carpool is when more than one person gets together in a car. And it’s by choice and usually these people that carpool have a car.

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