Catch Word #132 – It’s in mint condition


When buying or selling used items, it’s important to know what condition the items are in. In this episode, we talk about some expressions that are used to describe an item’s condition. We look at expressions to say that something is in excellent condition, bad condition, or somewhere in the middle. If you like looking for deals online from people selling their stuff, or if you’re a second-hand shopper, then this episode is worth a listen!


Expressions included in the learning materialsperfectcondition

  • Mint condition
  • Brand new
  • New to someone
  • Or anything
  • Wear and tear
  • To see something for yourself
  • Craigslist
  • To keep on an eye on something
  • To have seen better days
  • Up close
  • To keep an eye out for something
  • To be in good shape

Sample transcript


Harp: These expressions are often used when you’re buying or selling something.
Maura:  All right. So, first we’re going to talk about an expression that means something is in very, very good condition; that it’s like brand new.
Harp: Yeah. This expression is mint condition.
Maura: You know, I really like this expression. It is mint condition.
Harp: Yeah. Mint condition.
Maura: Now, you know, I kind of remember when I was a kid and hearing this expression for the first time, and thinking that it was so strange. I didn’t understand, because I was thinking of mint, you know? Like the herb or, like, you have a mint after dinner. And I did not understand how mint condition could mean very good condition.

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