Catch Word #136 – The numbers are skyrocketing

What goes up must come down! Things are always changing in today’s world, and that’s why we decided to make an episode about things going up and going down. Especially in the news, we often hear about increases and decreases, and they use lots of different expressions to talk about this. This time, we’re talking about numbers, such as prices, statistics, and other amounts. Listen to this episode and we’ll see if our numbers start to soar!

Expressions included in the Study Guide

  • A cottage
  • The great outdoors
  • To skyrocket
  • To soar
  • A homonym
  • To be liking – Is this correct?
  • What does up must come down
  • To nosedive
  • Back to the subject
  • At any rate
  • To hold off
  • To jump at the chance
  • To sink
  • A start-up

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