Chatterbox #107 – Meet Andrew, the new Culips co-host

We have some very, very exciting new at Culips: We’ve added a new co-host to our team! Now, along with Maura and Harp, you’ll hear Andrew’s voice too. He’s got lots of experience and training in teaching languages, and he’s travelled a bunch too! He’s also got experience learning Korean, German, and now French; the perfect recipe for a great language teacher. In this episode, Maura interviews Andrew so you can get to know what he’s all about, and he’ll be back as a co-host in the future!

Expressions included in the Study Guide

  • To join up
  • To add something (or someone) to the mix
  • I’m a big snowboarder
  • Chill
  • An island mentality
  • To win someone over
  • But here I am
  • Your German
  • To take something on
  • To put something on the back burner
  • To keep at something
  • To play a role

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