Chatterbox #105 – Friendship

Over the years, some friends come and go, but others last a lifetime. This week at Culips, we’re talking about friends. First, we talk about childhood friendships and what that can be like, and we also talk about making friends as an adult, which can be much more complicated! Harp and Maura also talk about a current topic: the effect of technology on friendships. If you’re online a lot, you might already have noticed how the Internet and social networking has changed some of your friendships. Do you still have a BFF?


Expressions included in the learning materials

  • Better and better
  • Slowly but surely
  • To block something out
  • To count on someone
  • Barbie
  • To be set
  • Drama
  • To make a mountain out of a molehill
  • A segue
  • A drawback
  • A downfall
  • On the other side of the globe
  • To friend someone
  • To go out of your way
  • To not be going anywhere

Sample transcript

Harp: I think the negative side of Facebook is that there are people who I didn’t want to be their friend back then, and then they find me on Facebook and I feel kind of rude not accepting their friend invitation, so sometimes I’ll accept it and then delete them a little bit later.
Maura:  That’s true. The word friend has kind of changed, because you used to just have a friend in your life. And then you have a friend on Facebook, which isn’t really the same. And the word friend has almost become a verb. People talk about going on Facebook and friending a person, which means that you click that you want to be friends with them. It doesn’t mean that you have any special bond or that you have anything in common. It just means that you’ve made that friend connection on Facebook.
Harp: Yeah. Before I used to have a lot of friends on Facebook. But recently, in the last year or so, I’ve really cut back and deleted a lot of friends because I just want people there who I would want in my life even if Facebook didn’t exist.

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