Catch Word #139 – Working around the clock

The expressions in this week’s episode are used when people get really focused on things or need to continuously work at something. It’s like these people are doing it all the time, and nothing else! These expressions are often used to exaggerate that a certain activity is all someone is ever doing. If you know anyone who gets really busy and spends a lot of time doing one particular thing, then you can start using these expressions right away!


Expressions included in the Learning Materialsworkingaroundtheclock

  • To quit cold turkey
  • To go on and on
  • Around the clock
  • The hands on a clock
  • To take time off
  • To let up
  • To call the police on someone
  • 24/7
  • 24/7 services in Canada
  • Free as a bird
  • Day and night A little one
  • To polish something

Sample transcript

Maura: Now let’s get to our episode today.

Harp: Today we’re doing a Catch Word, and this is where we look at some expressions and we give you examples and we show you how to use them.

Maura: That is right. And today we are going to look at expressions that are used to talk about something that is happening continuously, non-stop; something that is going on and on through the night and into the day.

Harp: Yeah. It’s something that is happening all the time.

Maura: So let’s look at the first expression in our episode today, Harp.

Harp: The first expression is around the clock.

Maura: That’s right. To say that something is happening around the clock.

Harp: Yes. Around the clock.

Maura: And this means that something is happening at all times; during the night, during the day. If you think about a clock, and the hands on the clock moving around, it covers all 24 hours in a day.

Harp: Yeah. It just keeps going on.

Maura: But you know, sometimes this expression is used as an exaggeration. When someone is really focused on doing something and they’re spending a lot of time doing something, they might say they’re doing it around the clock. But it doesn’t actually mean they’re working on it 24 hours a day. It just means that they’re spending a lot of time on it, and maybe staying up late.

Harp: Yeah. They could take breaks to eat or do other things, but if they’re working on something a lot of the time, they could say that they’re doing it around the clock.


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