Chatterbox #108 – An interview with Alexandre

In this episode, you get to meet Alexandre. That’s a French name. He speaks English and French, and is from the Canadian province of Nova Scotia. In today’s episode, we talk about Acadian culture, growing up Anglophone and Francophone, and enjoying delicious Maritime lobster. Alexandre recently moved to Montreal, where he continues to make music, now with his band Year of Glad. Check out this episode to learn more about him, and then check out his music online!


Expressions included in the learning materialEnglish Podcast

  • Maritime lobster
  • Acadian culture
  • A Southern twang
  • To be on the top of my list
  • Pockets
  • Francophonia
  • A draw
  • To be welcomed with open arms
  • To play a little violin
  • A band geek
  • To take centre stage
  • To keep up with something
  • Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace
  • To pick up on something
  • A crossover

Sample transcript

Maura: When did you start playing music? And how did you become so interested in it?
Alexandre:  I’ve been playing music for a long time, since I was quite young. I started playing violin, kind of like a Celtic-style violin when I was very young, 7 years old, I believe. Played that until I was in my late teens and kind of gave it up for guitar, which is the cooler instrument. Now I'm not sure if I agree, but back then I thought so.

I still play a little violin, but guitar’s my main thing. I also played trumpet all throughout my high school years.

Maura: Were you in the band in school?
Alexandre: Yeah. I really was. I was actually a band geek. I was really into it. We went on many trips and… Yeah, I played trumpet and I was pretty into it. I still do, but guitar has taken the centre stage these days. But I try… I do what I can, you know, to keep up with it.
Maura: And what kind of music do you normally play?
Alexandre: Um… It's rock and roll, I suppose. It has a little bit of an experimental side, so it's a little strange, maybe, nothing you would hear on the radio, maybe. You know, kind of moving in a weirder direction, I think. So potentially you might be able to hear us on the radio at some point. But yeah, it's rock music. I'm not really sure what that means anymore, but it's interesting. I'll say that.

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