Catch Word #141 – To hit the roof

What makes you angry? What does it take to make you to hit the roof? Today we’ve got a bunch of expressions for you to use when talking about a person who gets very angry very quickly. When this happens, it’s like the person loses control and suddenly gets very upset. It’s never funny when something like that happens, but we’ve got lots of creative expressions to describe those situations. Listen in and keep your cool.


Expressions included in the learning materialsloseyourtemper

  • Bixi
  • To hit the roof
  • To lose your temper
  • To be suspended
  • To skip class
  • An angel
  • A fuse
  • To blow a fuse
  • To explode
  • Something to do with…
  • To flip your lid
  • To storm out
  • To fly into a rage and other expressions

Sample transcript

Maura:  Today’s expressions mean that a person becomes angry very quickly and suddenly. So this is something that’s obviously not a very happy topic.
Harp: Nope, but it’s very interesting and we have some really cool expressions we’re gonna look at.
Maura: But, you know, we did have some trouble thinking of examples because Harp and I don’t get angry that fast.
Harp: Nope, but we found some good examples for you all.
Maura: That’s right, we did. OK, so let’s look at the first expression today.
Harp: The first expression is to hit the roof.

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