Chatterbox #109 – The Environment

Saving the planet seems to be a topic that we hear about more and more. Environmental policies are often a political topic, and they especially are in Canada. In this episode, Andrew and Maura talk about our impact on the environment and what people can do to help out. Because this is such a hot topic now, there are also tons of new terms, which we share with you here. Listen up!


Expressions included in the learning materialsecological

  • Hot Green
  • Ecological
  • More green
  • Logging
  • Carbon footprint
  • Greenhouse gasses
  • Canada’s oil sands
  • Pilot projects
  • Who knows
  • To put on the curb
  • That goes to show
  • To keep my eye out

Sample transcript

Andrew:  We’ll talk about what we do to do our part in saving the planet.
Maura: All right. So first we’re going to talk about some new terms that are used to talk about the environment and the first one is a word you already know. It’s a colour. It’s the word green.
Andrew: Green. And what green really means in an environmental sense is to be good for the planet to be good for the environment.
Maura: Right. So we can use the word green to talk about a specific company that’s trying to do good things for the environment. Or we could talk about a product and say that it’s green because it was made in a way that was trying have a low impact on the environment. Or maybe they recycled or they reused something in their product.

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