Chatterbox #113 – Movies in Canada – Film festivals

Lights, camera, action! They’re aren’t very many popular Canadian films, so what does Canada have to do with the movies? First of all, there are lots of American movies made up here in Canada, and we even have our own Canadian film industry. We also have tons of film festivals, including TIFF that happens every September. If you love the movies, listen to this episode to hear what Canada has to offer.


Expressions included in the learning materialsfilmfestival

  • Team building
  • An explosion
  • Hollywood of the North
  • Big name stars
  • Hot spot
  • To get around to doing
  • A saga
  • The lower mainland
  • To go nuts
  • Generation gap
  • The back of your mind
  • An extra (in a movie)

Sample transcript

Andrew: Yeah. And us as Canadians, we love this ‘cause get the big name American actors coming into our cities. It’s also great for jobs. Lots of people have jobs now that are focused around the film industry, whether they are actors or cameramen. So it’s good for everybody up here.

Harp: Yeah. And it’s even good for restaurants because like you said, when there is a celebrity in town, people come to try to see them.

Andrew: That’s right.

Harp: I remember when they were filming a movie in Edmonton, and Brad Pitt was in it. And I don’t remember which movie, but I remember people were obsessed with trying to see him. And then there were rumours that Angelina Jolie was in town. And I think someone finally caught them in the mall, and they took pictures. And they were all over the news.

Andrew: Yeah. Well those are some big name stars, of course people would get excited.

Harp: Yeah. And they did.

Andrew: All right. So when American films first started being made in Canada, really Vancouver was the hot spot, where all the movies were being made, but slowly that spread across the whole country. And now I know there’s lots of movies being filmed here in Montreal, in the prairies, and really everywhere.

Harp: Yeah. It seemed to have spread all across Canada, but definitely it’s Vancouver that got it all started. Let’s talk about some movies that are filmed in Canada.

Andrew: Yeah. There are some really big blockbusters that have been filmed here in Canada.

Harp: Yes. Like Titanic.

Andrew: Yeah. Titanic, I think was filmed off the coast Halifax. Am I right?

Harp: Yup. You are right. And the interesting thing about that is Halifax was actually the closest port to when the Titanic actually sunk. Interesting that’s where they choice to film it.

Andrew: Yeah. I guess it’s an authentic location; it shows the actual background of where the Titanic would have been on its voyage.

Harp: Yup. So when you watch the Titanic, you’re probably seeing the water and the coast right off of Canada.

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