Chatterbox #114 – Cell phones

Ring, ring … Hello? A lot has changed about cell phones since they became popular. There are tons of features and functions, and more and more people have smart phones. In this episode, Harp and Andrew talk about cell phone etiquette. What is acceptable behaviour for cell phone use? Do you think cell phones have made communication better or worse? Listen to this episode to hear what they have to say about this!


Expressions included in the learning materialscellphone

  • A wake up call
  • Call waiting
  • A landline
  • Off the grid
  • To get worked up
  • To be weirded out
  • Instagram
  • The text-no-talk thing
  • Or did
  • To get things out of the way
  • To be plugged in

Sample transcript

Harp: Don’t depress me, OK. OK. So today we’re going to bring you a Chatterbox episode, and that’s basically where we chat. We talk about cultural events. We talk about different things happening in the news, or sometimes, we interview people.

Andrew: Right. And I think we have a pretty interesting topic today, and that is cell phones and communication.

Harp: Yup. Exactly. We’re gonna talk about cell phones. And we’re gonna start by talking about kind of the evolution of cell phones and how they’ve just become so popular.

Andrew: And then we’re gonna talk about etiquette and kind of how acceptable behaviour for talking on the phone has really changed over the last ten years or so.

Harp: Yup. Exactly. And then we're gonna talk about: Do cell phones really make communication better or worse? Interesting. Andrew: Very good, very deep question, and we'll talk about that third. Harp: OK. So let's get started with the evolution of cell phones.

Andrew: Sure. So I remember when I was maybe seven or eight years old, my uncle got a cell phone, and this was big news because it was the first person in our family to get a cell phone. And looking back on it now, he still has it actually. And it's hilarious because this phone was massive. It was so huge and it had a massive, big, long antenna that came out the front of it. It had big push buttons, and you really just had to hold it up to your face with two hands almost to talk into it.

Harp: That's so funny. No one in my family ever had one of those, but I've definitely seen it on a lot of movies.

Andrew: Yeah. And the sound quality was horrible, the reception was bad, and you really couldn't use it as a cell phone because it was too big to carry along with you.

Harp: Yeah, but it was still revolutionary. I remember people talking about how they could use their cell phone in a car or when they were walking somewhere. It's a pretty big idea for people who are used to having their phones at home.

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