Chatterbox #110 – Harp’s big trip

As a person who loves languages, you probably love to travel too. Where else can you use the new languages you’ve learned? Harp was super lucky this summer and got to take a trip to some pretty interesting places – England, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Dubai. In this episode, Andrew interviews her to find out what she got up to and how much fun she had. Listen in if you’re interested in visiting any of those places or, if you’re from there, see what Harp thought of your country.


Expressions included in the learning materialsEnglish Podcast

  • Jet lag
  • Zero planning
  • Posh
  • The Singapore Sling
  • Not to be worth all the fuss
  • The Merlion
  • A foodie
  • Hawker stands and meaning of to hawk
  • To have went
  • To hit up
  • Dim sum
  • To clear up
  • Might as well
  • You gotta do what you gotta do
  • Stories (in a building)
  • A plus
  • To make your way somewhere
  • There you go

Sample transcript

Andrew:  Yeah. No doubt. And what place did you like the best out of all the cities you visited?
Harp: I would have to say that Hong Kong was my favourite.
Andrew: Wow. And what made it your favourite? Was it the food? The scenery?
Harp: It was everything. Hong Kong is an awesome, awesome place. I suggest everyone goes to visit it. I don’t know. The lifestyle there is great. I went to go visit my best friend and she lives in the central area of downtown Hong Kong. And there are all of these cafes and restaurants, and people just seem to really love life. But there’s also a cool business scene, and we went and saw some music. It’s just so lively. And the food is amazing.
Andrew: Yeah. I really want to visit Hong Kong. I’ve only ever been to the Hong Kong airport. I’ve never actually been outside the airport.

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