Chatterbox #115 – Working Out

People are active all around the world in different ways: playing sports, going to the gym, or physical activity that is part of their daily routine. Here’s an episode that is all about getting in shape, however you do it. Listen to this one to find out which sports are popular for kids and also some of the most popular things that adults are currently doing to stay fit. Andrew and Harp also tell you what exercise they try to do regularly. Here’s an idea: To exercise your brain and your body, listen to this episode while you’re at the gym!

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Expressions included in the Learning Materials:workout

  • To burn off
  • Off the top of your head
  • Cartwheels and somersaults
  • To make perfect sense
  • Feverish
  • Not to hold your breath
  • To be the odd man out
  • To sell someone on something
  • To suck
  • To put your foot down
  • Not to see yourself
  • To give something a go
  • To be wiped out
  • Toque

Sample transcript:

Harp: And then we’re gonna talk about what we do to stay in shape. OK. So let’s get started with our first topic which is sports we played as a kid.
Andrew:  Yeah. Sports we played when we were kids and I played pretty much every sport you can think of when I was a kid.
Harp: Really?
Andrew: Yeah. I don’t know, maybe I was a really hyper child and my parents just wanted me to go and play sports and burn off lots of energy, so I’ll be calmer at home, but my parents made me play almost every sport you can think of.
Harp: That’s so interesting, off the top of your head, all the sports you played when you were a kid.
Andrew: All the sports I played. I played hockey, it was my favourite. I played t-ball, baseball, soccer, and badminton. I think that’s it. That’s almost all of them.
Harp: Yup. That’s a lot of sports.

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