Chatterbox #116 – Healthy eating

People seem to be paying more attention than ever to the food they eat. This is part 2 of our episodes on healthy living. This one is dedicated to food, and talking about what Canadians are doing to stay healthy. Andrew and Harp talk about popular lifestyle choices, like vegetarianism, and also the practice of dieting. How do they both stay so fit? Listen to this episode to find out!

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Expressions included in the learning materialshealthyeating

  • To be stuffed
  • Vegetarians and vegans
  • Raw food
  • Local food
  • To push for something
  • Diets
  • Everything in moderation
  • A cleanse
  • There’s something to it
  • To be down to do something
  • To be on the fence
  • To be gung ho
  • My take (on something)
  • A loophole

Sample transcript

Harp: Basically a vegetarian is someone who doesn’t eat meat.
Andrew:  That’s right. They don’t eat meat. They’re open to eating other animal products like eggs and milk and cheese, but any meat they stay away from.
Harp: Yup. And sometimes people will eat some fish and still be a vegetarian, but in general it means that most of their diet is fruits, vegetables, grains, things like that.
Andrew: That’s right and this is, I would say, a pretty popular lifestyle in Canada, almost any restaurant that you go to will have vegetarian options and if you say that you’re vegetarian, no one really gives you a strange look anymore like maybe it used to happen in the past. I think it’s pretty much an accepted way of life.
Harp: Yeah. I think there are very few restaurants where there are no vegetarian options.
Andrew: OK and going one step further than vegetarianism are vegans and vegans are people who don’t eat any meat or really any animal products so fish, cheese, milk, butter, eggs – these are things that they all avoid eating.


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