Catch Word #148 – It’s as clean as a whistle

It’s great when you have a nice, clean space, and you may want to talk about it. This episode is all about expressions for saying that something is really clean. Harp and Maura also talk about whether their bedrooms were spick and span as teenagers, and Maura asks Harp whether her desk at work is a disaster. Listen to this one to hear the dirty truth. It’s sure to inspire you to make your home spotless!

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Expressions included in the learning materialsclean

  • As clean as a whistle
  • To see your reflection in something
  • To be down on your hands and knees
  • Spick and span
  • To be blown away
  • A pig
  • Wear and tear
  • Spotless
  • You missed a spot
  • What’s going on?
  • The head honcho
  • A disaster
  • A cleaning blitz
  • Squeaky clean

Sample transcript

Maura:  feel like this conversation is really a classic. Teenagers are known for having messy bedrooms. So I’m gonna ask you, Harp, was your bedroom messy when you were a teenager?
Harp: Hmm. I was the kind of kid who would have it messy all week and then clean it up on Saturdays. And then it would be messy all week. But my mom didn’t really have to ask me. On Saturday morning I would just get up and clean it. I like to pretend it was organized and clean, but I was a bit of a slacker during the week. How about you?
Maura: Well, I have to say that recently I was going through some old pictures and I saw a picture of my bedroom when I was a teenager, and I was blown away by how messy it was. At the time, it didn’t bother me. I knew it was messy, but I didn’t care. But now, looking at, it I was really shocked.
Harp: Wow! Really? Could you even see the floor?
Maura: No.

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