Chatterbox #120 – Aleks: Part 1

We recently interviewed our friend Aleks about her life and adventures, so that she could share her stories with you. Aleks is originally from Serbia, but she’s also lived in the US, Denmark, and Canada. Her English is pretty impeccable, but she actually learned it as a second (or third, or fourth?) language, like many of you are doing now. Harp and Aleks had so much to talk about that we needed to make two episodes! So stay tuned for the continuation, and find out what happened to Aleks after she moved to British Columbia, Canada.

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Expressions included in the learning materials:

  • Sharp
  • A turning point
  • To call for something
  • I.e.
  • The Københavns Intensive SprogSkole (KISS)
  • Rusty
  • K
  • Slash
  • To boil down to something
  • A leap of faith
  • To know something in your heart of hearts

Sample transcript:

Aleksandra:  It was a road trip and a camping trip.
Harp: Wow. Very cool. So you travelled all across the US. Which was your favourite part?
Aleksandra: The deserts. No doubt about it. You see the West Coast of the United States, and I would say British Columbia is much prettier. New Zealand is comparable; been there as well. But the deserts, specifically the so-called four corners: Arizona, Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico. The deserts there are absolutely amazing, the whole entire landscape, the colour cinnamon, and incredible rock formations, and it’s so different that you discover a whole new self under the stars and under the sky there. Definitely my number one favourite travel adventure.
Harp: Wow. So you camped in the desert?
Aleksandra: Yes. Yes, it was a summer trip, so camping was taking place in the desert and it was actually very, very, cold. Despite the fact that temperatures were going up to way over 40 degrees during the day, nights were very, very cold, calling for real down-filled sleeping bags and outfit—whole-body outfit.
Harp: OK. So it’s true that the temperature changes drastically during the day in the desert.
Aleksandra: It does.
Harp: Wow. K, so then after the US, you went to Denmark?
Aleksandra: You got that!
Harp: You’ve travelled so many different places! I’m trying to keep up.

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