Chatterbox #123 – Winter Olympics

It’s Olympic time again! All around the world people are tuning into sporting events happening in Sochi, Russia, so we decided to do an episode about it. Harp and Andrew talk about their own favourite events, and also discuss what Canadians love about the Winter Olympics. There are also come cool new events being added this year. Are you watching?

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Sample transcript:

Harp: I’m so excited because we are in the middle of the Olympics. I love the Winter Olympics.

Andrew: That’s true. Yeah. I’m pretty excited for the Olympics today, and, you know what? Our topic for our conversation is the Olympics.

Harp: Yeah. It’s perfect. So let’s get started. We are gonna do a Chatterbox episode today and that’s where we chat. And our topic today is the Olympics.

Andrew: Yeah. Specifically the Winter Olympics.

Harp: Yup. Exactly. So we’re going to start with talking about what the Olympics mean to Canadians. Then we’re going to talk about some of our Olympic memories. And we’re going to finish by talking about some of the different events in the Winter Olympics.

Andrew: Yeah. There are some new events this year so that’s going to be interesting to see. Harp: Yup. Exactly. So let’s get started. Our first topic: what the Winter Olympics mean to Canadians.

Andrew: Yes. As many of our listeners will know, Canada is a winter country. We have long, cold winters, and because of that. I think most Canadians really enjoy the winter Olympics more so than the summer Olympics.

Harp: Yup. And I think that there are two reasons for that.

Andrew: OK. Why? Harp: First reason is ‘cause it’s freezing outside, so we don’t want to go outside and can watch TV.

Andrew: Yeah. I agree with that. Yeah.

Harp: The second thing is, again, it’s freezing outside. So we can actually practice some these sports that we’re good at.

Andrew: Exactly. Canadians, we usually do much better in the Winter Olympics than we do in the Summer Olympics, and I think one of the reasons for that is that there are less countries to compete with, right?

Harp: Yup. Exactly. Summer Olympics, there are more warm countries, so there’s more competition. But it doesn’t snow everywhere, so they can’t practice skiing, and it’s not cold enough to have skating rinks outside, so they can’t practice hockey. It’s the one advantage of living in this freezing country.

Andrew: Yeah. Exactly. We can win all kinds of gold metals at the Winter Olympics. And, actually, we interviewed, maybe two years ago, an athlete who will be in Russia at the Winter Olympics competing this year as a speed skater.

Harp: Yes. We interviewed our friend Michael Gilday a couple of years ago, and now he’s actually competing in the Olympics, which is super exciting, and we’ll definitely be cheering him on.

Andrew: Yeah. Absolutely. So if you want to hear his story, you should check out the interview that we did with him, and we’ll link it there so it’s easy for you to find.

Harp: Yup. We’ll post it on Facebook, and we’ll link it to the episode. And he’s competing in the speed skating short track event.

Andrew: That’s right. The short track event. So if you are watching the speed skating events. make sure to look out for him.

Harp: Yes. And cheer him on. We really hope he wins a gold and does fantastic, and we’re excited to watch him.

Andrew: Absolutely. Yeah. And another reason why Canadians like the Winter Olympics is ‘cause Canada is a cold country, we have the right climate for hosting the Winter Olympics. We’ve held it two times, I believe. Once in Calgary in 1988 and just the last Winter Olympics in 2010 were in Vancouver. And in Vancouver, we actually performed pretty well. I think we won a lot of gold medals.

Harp: Yeah. We did fantastic. I think, if I remember correctly, we won the most gold medals of any country in the Vancouver Olympics.

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