Chatterbox #124 – High school cliques

High school is a special kind of world with all different kinds of people. If you’ve ever watched an American movie, you’ll probably recognize some of the characters we talk about here. In this episode, Andrew and Maura talk about high school stereotypes, and share their own experiences. Was Andrew a band geek? Was Maura a jock? Reminisce about your own high school days while you listen to this episode!

Expressions included in the Study Guide

  • To come together
  • For better or for worse
  • A clique
  • A jock
  • A nerd
  • A stoner
  • A drama kid
  • Black clothes
  • In the same vein
  • A band geek
  • To have a hand in something
  • At the top of the totem pole
  • You know what?
  • A telltale sign
  • To get a kick out of something
  • To pop up

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