Chatterbox #124 – High school cliques

High school is a special kind of world with all different kinds of people. If you’ve ever watched an American movie, you’ll probably recognize some of the characters we talk about here. In this episode, Andrew and Maura talk about high school stereotypes, and share their own experiences. Was Andrew a band geek? Was Maura a jock? Reminisce about your own high school days while you listen to this episode!

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Expressions included in the learning materials:ESL Podcast

  • To come together
  • For better or for worse
  • A clique
  • A jock
  • A nerd A stoner
  • A drama kid
  • Black clothes
  • In the same vein
  • A band geek
  • To have a hand in something
  • At the top of the totem pole
  • You know what?
  • A telltale sign
  • To get a kick out of something
  • To pop up

Sample transcript:

Maura: OK, good. So let’s get to today’s episode then. This time we’re gonna do a Chatterbox episode, and that is where we chat about all kinds of different topics. Sometimes we interview people, sometimes we discuss something cultural, and that’s pretty much what we’re gonna do today. Right?

Andrew: Yeah. Today we’re gonna talk about a cultural thing, and this is about high school cliques.

Maura: Right. So, all of the, kind of, stereotypical kinds of people who actually exist all over the world, but especially in high school.

Andrew: Yeah. High school especially. And maybe you will be familiar with these groups of people because you’ve seen them in movies.

Maura: That’s right. Often, if there’s an American movie that’s about teenage life or that takes place in a high school, the characters are often very stereotypical, and they fit into one of these kinds of categories.

Andrew: Yeah. And when you’re attending high school, you know, you’re a teenager and you sort of… You’re not fully mature yet, and you’re a little bit just not the greatest person all the time. And so, people in high school don’t always get along really well. They get divided into these groups and they tend to stick together. That’s what we’re gonna talk about today.

Maura: Right. So, first we’re gonna tell you about the names for these different kinds of groups or individuals, and then we’re going to share some of our own high school experiences.

Andrew: Yeah. We will go back to the past and re-live some high school memories with you all.

Maura: That’s right. For better or for worse.

Andrew: Yeah. Absolutely.

Maura: So first I wanted to mention this word, cliques. Well, we’ve already mentioned it, but I wanted to talk about it because there are really two different ways you can pronounce this word. Andrew: Yeah. So a clique is just a group of people who are friends and hang out together, and the spelling is C-L-I-Q-U-E-S. And like you said, there are two pronunciations of this word. The first is ?klik. The second is ?kl?k.

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