Catch Word #150 – You pulled a fast one on me

Do you know someone who always likes to joke around? In this episode, we talk about expressions that can be used to describe when one person tricks another. It could be just for fun, or someone might intentionally try to deceive someone else. Whatever the situation, listening to this episode could help you figure out whether someone is trying to pull the wool over your eyes. Listen and learn!

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Expressions included in the learning materials:trick

  • No?
  • To stop and look at something
  • To pull a fast one
  • To mail something out
  • To take a car for a spin
  • The shop
  • A junker
  • To pull someone’s leg
  • To kid
  • To pull the wool over someone’s eyes
  • A toque
  • To be up to no good

Sample transcript:

Harp: So how are you doing, Andrew?

Andrew: Well, I’m doing pretty well. Thanks. How are you?

Harp: Good. Are you excited? It’s your spring break soon, no?

Andrew: Yeah. Spring break’s just right around the corner. It’ll give me a little, well, break from school. So yeah. I’m excited to relax for a little while.

Harp: I miss all the holidays I had when I was a student. I’m jealous of you.

Andrew: I know. I think that school life is kind of crazy, but then when I stop and sorta look at it, we do get a lotta breaks, so it’s nice.

Harp: Yeah. But I don’t miss all the homework, or exams.

Andrew: Yeah. That’s true.

Harp: All right. So let’s get started. Today we’re bringing you all a Catch Word episode, and that’s where we look at some expressions, we break them down for you, we explain them.

Andrew: Yeah. That’s right. So today’s expressions are all about tricking somebody.

Harp: Yes. And they all have the word pull in them.

Andrew: That’s right. So they have two things in common.

Harp: All right, so let’s get started with our first expression, which is to pull a fast one.

Andrew: That’s right. To pull a fast one on somebody.

Harp: Yes. To pull a fast one on somebody.

Andrew: That’s right. To pull a fast on somebody. And when you pull fast one on somebody, what you’re doing is tricking them.

Harp: Yes. You’re deceiving them.

Andrew: Mmhmm. So when you pull a fast one on someone, you’ve tricked them in some sort of way and deceived them.

Harp: So you’ve maybe told them a story that’s not true and you’ve tried to get them to believe your story. It’s to trick somebody.

Andrew: So you could use this expression to describe a situation when you’ve told somebody a lie and they’ve really believed that lie. That’s called pulling a fast one on someone. So when you tell a lie to somebody, and they believe that lie, we can use the expression to pull a fast one on somebody to sort of describe that situation.

Harp: It’s basically when you’re trying to deceive someone. So you’re trying to get them to believe something that’s not true. And if you succeed, then you’ve pulled a fast one on them.

Andrew: Exactly.

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